The Ron Gabourie Memorial Fund


The Cherokee DUI/Drug Treatment Court and the Cherokee Friends of Recovery Foundation plays an important role in the field of rehabilitating alcohol and substance abusers in our communities.  Ron Gabourie’s goodwill and willingness to help at all times will continue on with the Friends of Recovery Foundation.  Ron is still working to help others beat the misery of addiction and to make life better for themselves.

The Ron Gabourie Memorial Fund is for low or no income participants who wish to change their lives but cannot afford the program fees.  Only carefully screened participants will qualify. If you would like to donate to the Ron Gabourie Memorial Fund and help Ron continue his legacy, please click here: Donations

As with all donations to the Cherokee Friends of Recovery Foundation, your donation is tax deductible; please use our IRS tax-exempt number 56-2665033 and consult your accountant for further details.


Ron’s Story

Ron became addicted to heroin as a pre-teen and remained so until his early twenties.  Through the grace of God, he found the strength and courage to achieve sobriety as a young adult.  For most of the ensuing quarter of a century, he remained clean and sober and reached out to countless people of all ages who struggled with addiction issues just as he had.

Ron succumbed at age forty-eight to a massive coronary on March 16, 2012.  It was only at his Memorial Service, and following reception that some of Ron’s immediate family and closest friends learned of the extent of his outreach to alcohol and drug addicts.  The chapel in Orange California was packed with more than 200 guests, most of whom had been aided in their fight against substance abuse and chemical addiction by Ron.  Many in attendance felt his intervention saved or at a minimum, positively altered the course of their lives.Ron’s family wishes to thank you in advance for your generosity in helping to continue his efforts on behalf of people suffering from substance abuse and chemical addiction issues.