Misdemeanor Court

Why Misdemeanor Drug Court?

Drug Courts have been proven to work better than jail, probation, and treatment alone. Drug Courts significantly reduce drug use and crime and are more cost-effective than any other proven criminal justice strategy.

Sentence from NADCP’s website: http://www.nadcp.org/learn/facts-and-figures

Who is eligible for the Misdemeanor Drug Court? The target group for the Misdemeanor Drug Court includes the following: Repeat possession of Marijuana offenders or first offenders who show they are not able to remain drug free to avail themselves of pre-trial diversion programs, or conditional discharge under O.C.G.A. 16-13-2. Participants must live in or around Cherokee County.

Who is ineligible for the Misdemeanor Drug Court? Offenders who have violent felony convictions will be presumed to be ineligible. The Misdemeanor Drug Court Team will consider each eligible participant on an individual basis with the presumption that those fitting the target criteria and not in either ineligible group will be admitted to the Program.

What is the incentive for Misdemeanor Drug Court? Those participants who enter the Misdemeanor Drug Court Program have the opportunity to have their charges dismissed after successful completion of the Program. They may also maintain their driver’s license as well.